Thursday, October 20, 2011

Words and Deeds.

I'd like to recommend a book that has challenged me to the core. It isn't super deep so you can get through it even if you are a working woman or busy mom. It will inspire you. I promise.

Please order "What Happens When Women Say Yes To God" by Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31 ministries. I've had it on my bookshelf forever, but the cover looks cheesy and it didn't initially appeal to me. Plus, it was given to me when I had a newborn and I struggled to find time to shower, let alone read. But last month, I came home from the service about lukewarm Christianity and this is the book that called my name. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to read it and it has prompted my challenge and my blog. Do you want to join my online bookclub?

Update On My Challenge
Week one: I purchased a cute headband at Target for a few dollars. I justified it, because it was "so cheap" and it would make my "boring" wardrobe "more fun." However, I felt soo convicted about it that I had to go back and return it later. I thought I had learned my lesson...
Week Two: A few days later I was near Ikea. I have a poster from a trip to visit family in Europe that is several years old. I have a lot of blank walls in my home and I want to hang that poster up, but it needs a frame with European (metric) measurements to fit it. Ikea is pretty far from my home, but I drove right by it running another errand. I went in quickly and prayed "God, I've had this on my to-do list for three months. I don't think it's breaking the deal, but if it is, please let me know." Guess what? Ikea, the store that produces everything en masse was sold out of the only frame that would fit my poster. Really. They usually have bins with 500 identical items on the floor at all times. "Okay God, I've got it."
Week Three: I bought some clearance curtains this summer, but the color has been bugging me. Buying more to replace them is out of the question, but repurposing them is just fine! I found a website that taught me how to dye the fabric with RIT dye in my washing machine. It was a $4 project that was successful! Honestly, I'm a little addicted and would love to dye everything I can get my hands on right now.
Week Four: I've been looking at winter coats/snowpants for my son. They are CRAZY expensive. $80-100 online and at least $50 for a set from cheaper, big box stores too. I prayed about it, because that seems like such a waste for a child that will only wear this size for one season. I found an awesome winter set on Craigslist for $20 that included a jacket and snowpants and both had only been worn once. I even negotiated the price down a little bit and she delivered them to me. It was great!

My challenge tips are to repurpose things you already have, recycle (Craigslist, swap parties) and when in doubt about a purchase... just pray. :) Do any of you have updates or fun stories?

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